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Wedding Flowers

We design and deliver beautiful, fresh wedding flowers to venues within the South Yorkshire area.  We use only premium dutch and columbian flowers, and love to use home grown beautiful english cottage flowers when available.

Your wedding flowers are created to your specific requirements, and you will be relieved to hear that no two weddings are ever the same! Maisie Bloem provides a full professional service to the bride, groom and venue and your wedding flowers are delivered on the morning of your wedding so you can concentrate on you, without having to worry about your flowers.

Maisie Bloem offers wedding flower packages for no fuss brides wishing to choose their wedding flowers with ease.
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If you wish to discuss flowers for your important day, please call us on 01302 857444 to arrange a consultation or complete the wedding contact form beneath the gallery showing our work below.  The photographs shown here in the wedding flower gallery are all our own work.   Some of the photographs are taken in the workroom and some are taken at the venue by professional photographers, however the flowers shown are all created by us, here at Maisie Bloem.

fwthumb10.jpgfwthumb1011941_555884867786554_1369803042_n.jpgfwthumb1340_560444823997225_2056871856_n.jpgfwthumb1471889_616386051736435_1071287568_n.jpgfwthumb1497662_645554388819601_717323548_n.jpgfwthumb1a.jpgfwthumb2.jpgfwthumb27133_560441520664222_1741707688_n.jpgfwthumb2b.jpgfwthumb2c.jpgfwthumb2d.jpgfwthumb3.jpgfwthumb36593_382502471791462_545087974_n.jpgfwthumb4.jpgfwthumb400002_475962485778793_1074479981_n.jpgfwthumb403568_382486385126404_1105331079_n.jpgfwthumb5.jpgfwthumb522165_382500128458363_681941806_n.jpgfwthumb538273_385817268126649_281060050_n.jpgfwthumb548560_534744839900557_304167432_n.jpgfwthumb560784_392824720759237_1969050461_n.jpgfwthumb580066_392823597426016_372208859_n.jpgfwthumb598414_472505366124505_640327532_n.jpgfwthumb6.jpgfwthumb6499_547787491929625_38458273_n.jpgfwthumb67011_511706448871063_1955284457_n.jpgfwthumb7.jpgfwthumb8.jpgfwthumb9.jpgfwthumbBogdan Amy Flowers close up1.jpgfwthumbBogdan bridegroom.jpgfwthumbBogdan bridesmaids corsage.jpgfwthumbBogdan Buttonholes.jpgfwthumbBogdan Corsage.jpgfwthumbBogdan MOB Corsage.jpgfwthumbBogdan Single Jug.jpgfwthumbBogdan Top Table.jpgfwthumbBogdananypic.jpgfwthumbBogdanFlowers.jpgfwthumbBogdans buttonhole.jpgfwthumbLynsey Perkins1.jpgfwthumbPerkins2.jpgfwthumbPerkins3jpg.jpgfwthumbPerkins4.jpg

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